What have we done so far?

                                                                                             It's been a while since we've made some updates on this page, but for those who aren't able
to read the Dutch stuff, here we go again !
We did a lot of things last year. From 2008 till now, we've welcomed a lot of new members, who each own very special and rare cars.
We're very happy to have  them and to know those people, becuase we know our cars are getting old and classic. With that comes a lot of maintanance and many cars are starting to get real projects after 20 years of use.  Fortunetly there are still people who like our cars very very much and we're still able to keep them rollin'!  This has been confirmed by Mazda itself, by inviting us at the Dealership-convention and introduction of the New Mazda 6 generation back in 2008, and even the Belgians got us over to celebrate 40 years of Mazda in their country.

So, when we celebrated our 10-year anniversary party, we were able to show what we stand for.  Take a look at the new photo's which are put on the picture page and see the variety of cars in our memberlist.   We're heading for our 12,5 year annuversay, and I can tell you:
We're gonna have as much fun as we had last 10 years !

So, what did we do last 10 years?

Besides some tours through the countryside (a.o. Zeeland and Brabant) we organized tours with a puzzle attached to it (a.o. in Friesland). Of course we participated in the Japanese Carshow, visited some car musea (Raamsdonkveer and Bergeyk) and as a highlight a fantastic day with some professionals (dealer Hoebeke at Rilland).
In between we sometimes met at a carpool area to talk about our cars, troubles experienced and possible solutions.

Our club has some experts in the field of mechanics and hydraulic components, but also in the field of motors and bodywork. They give good advice and proof it with facts. During those informal meetings you can ask them anything.

What are we going to do?

We are planning a promotional tour during which we will be visiting several towns. Local carpress will be informed of our plans and hopefully this will get our model some media attention.
Furthermore we are planning visits to other car musea, a company that renovates motors, a tyre centre and a company that has a very advanced way of removing and treating corrosion.
Maybe we are also going to do something not related to our cars, but just for the fun of doing it with a group.

Plans for the future?

Visiting Mazda's technical centre in Germany and exploring all other possibilities to maintain a club that is fun and educational for everyone.
Every year we organize at least four events, at every event the Mazda 626 will be the highlight.
What kind of events do we arrange? Driving through different parts of the country, visit car musea, other car clubs, the Japanese Car festival, technical days, car recycling companies etc....
If you are a member and you like to plan an event, you will be supported by the committee.
Once a year we have a members meeting. On this day, which all members need to attend, we celebrate the club year.

We do more, what about your own club magazine, message board, mailing list, discount on parts, club card, good support with maintenance and modifications, in short a companionable club where you surely will feel at home.