What started in 2000 as the Mazda 626 GT & Coupé club has now matured to the Mazda 626 club.
Not just any club, but one with members that want to preserve the model and the beauty of it. There are many types of 626s: DX, LX, GLX, GLXi, GT and many options: digital dashboard, 4-wheelsteering, 4-wheeldrive, air conditioning, seat warmers, ABS, AAS, Turbo, etc.

Many positive changes have occurred during the years, which made room for alterations. At events it became clear that the members wanted more. We expanded our view last year and are now a Mazda 626 club. Anyone with a 626, whether it is a Sedan, Hatchback or Coupé, is most welcome. The members of the club however requested that the model should fit in, so only 626s upto 1991 (the GD model) can apply for membership.

General goal of the club:

The club has been founded by and for 626 lovers with the sole intent to maintain and preserve the model out of passion. There are no age restrictions.

Why a 626 club?

In 1991 the last Mazda Coupé was built and hasn't reappeared since then, not even with the new Mazda 6.
We felt it would be a loss if these 626s would disappear. We had exchanged experiences and made some inquiries and learnt that the model could be held active at an acceptable cost price. Therefore we decided to an official club for all 626s upto 1991.

Why not the later models? As of 1991 Mazda stopped producing niche articles. The 626 as of 1992 became a standard optionless car with only very few exceptions.
Due to the fact that the GT is the top of the model and because GT models have exceptional qualities, we incorporated all GT models and decided upon formally founding a club.

What requirements have to be met to be able to join the Mazda 626 GT & Coupé Club?

Your car has to look very well maintained or you have to proof that you will be able to get the car in tiptop shape.

You are obliged to organize a meeting in your neighborhood.

Twice a year you have to attend a meeting.

Once a year you have to write something for our club magazine.

Having time to participate.

These are strict requirements because we want to have a club with members that will help each other, if necessary. And what will come of this?

With each other we organize:

Puzzle tours

Visits to dealers

13 Towns promotional tour

Technical days

Visits to a car museum

This is only a summary of our activities.

In the meantime we exist for three years and we are doing fine. More and more Mazda fans discover the quality of their car. Those who switched to another brand, still often say: "that Mazda was a real fine car".

That's the way we feel and that's why we welcome every real fan. Contact us if you want to be invited to one of our meetings.

Look around the site and if you have any questions or you want a brochure, feel free to contact us at:

Kind regards,
Hans Peters